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Stressless Recliner by Ekornes

Stressless Tables

L:19.3 W: 15 H: 24.5"
Stressless Ellipse Table - Flexible and easy-to-move, our new Ellipse Table keeps everything at hand wherever you choose to sit. Simply slide it in close to maximize your Comfort Zone. - $495

W:9.8 D: 9.8 H: 7"
Stressless Armrest Table - This table is made for the Stressless® Arion, Stressless® Space and Stressless® Wave. Put it on the armrest when you sit down and take it off or move it when you go. - $225

L:27.5 W: 27.3 H: 19"
Corner Table - The free-standing Corner Table fits perfectly between two Stressless® recliners, two sofas, or a recliner and sofa. An ideal solution for home theater seating, or for any grouping when space is at a premium. - $495

Swing Table 2010 - A small matching table, with room for a book or a coffee. The Swing table fits most Stressless recliners with our famous round base (excluding Dream, Spirit, Jazz and Blues). And when not in use, it simply swings to one side. - $195

Stressless Computer Table 2010 - (16" wide x 12") Upgraded Table folds away and can be used on either side of your chair. The Stressless PC-table gives you a good, comfortable working position. Simply swing it aside and fold it down when you have finished or if you fancy a break. The table fits and matches all Stressless recliners with the round wooden base. Can not be attached to Stressless Jazz and Stressless Blues. This model can be used on either side of the chair. - $595

L:50 W: 30.3 H: 18.9"
Pegasus Coffee Table - The design complements the Pegasus collection with bent wood legs. A shelf beneath the tabletop is a good place to store newspapers, magazines and remote controls. - $1395

L:51.6 W: 27.6 H: 18.9"
Windsor Coffee Table - Enhance the décor of your home with our new Windsor Coffee Table. It features sleek, simple lines with a shelf below, perfect for storing. - $1395

L:41.3 W: 41.3 H: 17.7"
Ekornes® Jazz Round Table - The Ekornes® Jazz tables are made specifically to match Stressless® Jazz recliners. - $1495

L:26.8 W: 23.2 H: 19.3"
Ekornes® Jazz Corner Table - The Ekornes® Jazz tables are made specifically to match Stressless® Jazz recliners. - $895

L:35.4 W: 55.1 H: 17.7"
Ekornes Jazz Sofa Table - The Ekornes® Jazz tables are made specifically to match Stressless® Jazz recliners. - $1895

L:19.3 W: 15 H: 24.5"
Ekornes Flexi Table - Exclusively designed in stainless steel, and glass. This table is height-adjustable and the glass plate can easily be tilted and transformed into a standing PC-table for Stressless Blues and Stressless Jazz. - $1150

L:19.3 W: 37 H: 18.5"
Stressless Oval Ottoman - The Stressless® oval ottoman has a removable cushion (Fabric, Dinamica and Leather), thus doubling as a convenient table. When you don’t need the cushion to rest your feet on, simply store it below the tabletop. - $1095 - $1395
Fabric :
Batick Leather:
Paloma / Classic Leather:
Royalin Leather:

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